Alpha Explorer

Educational app for iOS, available now!

This unique educational app makes English letter recognition and spelling drills fun! Uses a dyslexia-friendly font & variable pitch/tone for pronunciation.

My nephew has dyslexia - and he has to do a lot of letter matching drills and spelling practice!  

I created this app to make letter recognition and spelling practice more fun, and to add a few unique features to make drills easier.

  • Simple, pick-up-and-play gameplay
  • Uses a dyslexia-friendly font to reduce visual jitter
  • Tapping the "huh?" button to hear the spelling word again with randomized pitch & tone
  • Simple score-keeping system, stored only on the device makes it easy for shared iPads in an educational environment

No ads, no in-app purchases, no registration required.  Support your friendly independent developer with a one-time cup of coffee purchase!